Prospect Personalities: Are you Speaking to a Deal Killer?

Posted by Chad Levitt

Feb 14, 2013, 1:56 PM

Sales reps beware. There are some types of prospect personalities that might never buy from you. Yes, that's right, sometimes the best thing you can do in sales is realize its best to move on. Focus your efforts on the sales opportunities that have a realistic chance of closing.

As sales reps, we've all been on calls with these two personalities - the raving fan and the miserable grump.  What do these prospect personalities have in common? They will rarely buy from you. No matter what you do or say, no matter how perfectly fit your offering is for their personal aspirations or company. The key is recognizing it early in the sales process, asking the tough questions, and moving on if need be. 

The acclaimed sales author Steve Martin (yes, same name as the actor, different guy though) notably points out in his excellent blog post: Understanding Why You Lose Deals

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