Product Update: Custom Sales Pipeline Stages

Posted by Matthew Fradette

Feb 1, 2013, 12:51 PM

sales pipeline stages

We are really trying to listen to salespeople and managers that are using atQuota and make improvements that will help them close more business. Something that became apparent that needed to be included in the platform was the ability to forecast your deals based on the sales stages that have been determined by your organization. What is also obvious is that not every organization is the same and neither are the stages of their sales process.

Based on some great feedback we are happy to announce the ability to customize your sales pipeline stages in atQuota. This means that you can create stages to match your sales process or sales funnel. To change your deal settings, click your username (top right), select 'Profile', and then enter in your specific deal stages and associated percentages.

When you save your custom sales pipeline stages they will be reflected in the progress bar of your active deals (see below). You will now be able to visualize not only percent chance of closing a deal, but also your progress in respect to the sales stages of your organization. 


sales pipeline stages

Salespeople need to manage their sales pipeline efficiently, but also stay in line with company process. We think this is one update that will help align the two initiatives. 

Keep the feedback coming!





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